Kevin Parsons Ltd.

Made to measure staircase manufacturer

Staircase Components Key:

Newel Post - A substantial post that the handrail goes into on the staircase usually 90x90mm, can be either left at full height, or cut short for a newel turning to fit into

Newel Cap - Sits on top of the newel post for decorative effect

Spindle - Also known as balusters, these go between the handrail and base rail to stop you falling through, these are usually 41x41 mm, these are either square(sometimes fluted), or turned

Risers - Vertical timber, usually 9mm thick, these are not mandatory, when missing the stair is called and open riser staircase

Treads - Horizontal timber, usually 22mm in thickness, however are made thicker for open riser stairs

String - Routed out timber usually 220mm in width and 32mm thick, treads and risers are slotted in, the top section can be cut away to create a cut string stair case.

Hand rail - Follows the staircase up, and is where people place their hands and is grooved out for spindles to sit into

Base rail - Sits on top of the string of landing and is grooved out for spindles to sit into